• Wasteful Spending of Taxpayer Funds
  • Countless Allegations of Corruption and Sexual Misconduct
  • Vacationed in Mexico with His Mistress while Aurora Residents Were Ordered to Stay Home

Let’s Meet Richard Irvin’s Friends…

Richard and his pal J.B. Pritzker(D) during the last governor campaign. (They go way back.)

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood(D), the fake nurse who has never had a real job. (She went to work for the Obama administration directly after graduating.)


Mandate Mayor Lori Lightfoot(D) with Richard. “…Looking forward to collaborating with her in the future on a number of initiatives…”


Richard and Pro-Choice, Anti-Second Amendment Senator Tammy Duckworth(D), who received a 7% rating from the NRA.


Illinois can’t afford another Democrat governor.

Paid for by Republicans Against Irvin.